All About Japanese Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a form of Japanese therapeutic massage developed in Japan, which has spread worldwide that regulates your nervous system and promotes natural healing by stimulating chemical responses within your body. The therapeutic effect comes from the fact that Shiatsu triggers the release of hormones and body chemicals necessary to heal, to soothe, and to make your mind and body perform optimally.

Outcall Shiatsu massage centre in Hong Kong Central District

Outcall Shiatsu massage centre in Hong Kong Central district

Japanese Shiatsu is a combination of the right foods, proper intake, energy work, and massage therapy. The therapy is done to promote wellness, treat painful body conditions, enhance body functions, and other benefits with the blend of staying in shape through the proper foods being eaten as planned.

The therapy practices the balancing and maintaining of ki or energy within the human body. This practice and principle is common on Asian massage techniques that are known for their belief to unclog any blocked passages of life force. Any blockage may represent a threat on the current healthy condition of the human body which is due to the proper flow of energy throughout the whole body.

Among the health benefits and effects any client can receive from the therapy includes the relaxing and soothing experience during and after the therapy session. The approach is quite gentle but uses fairly firm touch and pressure which is great for relieving pain while at the same time setting the body in a condition capable of de-stressing and calming. The massage work done during massage therapy sessions to the client’s body can benefit a person with magnificent results such as the improvement of blood and oxygen circulation, proper respiratory function for correct breathing pattern, improved sleeping quality and time, enhanced mood, improvement on the range of motion and flexibility, treatment of all sorts of body pain such as joint pain and back pain, relief from headaches, stress, fatigue, and tension, treatment of indigestion and many other medical conditions, disorders, and dysfunctions.

Aside from the health benefits the client receives from the massage therapy, the dietary plan also contributes to a healthy body due to the right types of foods and the quantity being eaten. Practitioners of the therapy believe that the foods have their own energy or ki that can improve and maintain the present life force inside the human body. By eating the right foods, the body accumulates enough energy to be used in aligning and balancing it in order to keep a healthy constitution inside and outside. As a result, the massage therapy acts only as a support in energy work as most of the ki required is supplied by the foods.

Aside from the health benefits and all sorts of advantages a person can get from Japanese Shiatsu and any type of massage therapy, it is equally important to research on the risks and dangers that are also included in the natural healing art. In doing so, you can make sure that you only get what you want and avoid going through the risks of the therapy.