Welcome to LiRann Natural Health

Welcome to LiRann Natural Health

My name is Jei Li’Rann and I am a Natural Health Practitioner. Here at Li’Rann Natural Health my goal is to provide health solutions to bring people back to their ultimate state of well-being, and to help them maintain good health.

My belief is to empower people to be involved in their own health practices, in both recovery and maintenance.  Too often we look for a quick fix, when we should be focusing on the cause, not solely on the symptom.  This is the primary focus at Li’Rann Natural Health, to work with people by treating the illness, not just the effects. I have worked over several years with physiotherapists, remedial massage therapists, myotherapists and chiropractors in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and now in Brisbane.

I provide treatment, healthcare products, information sheets and step-by-step methods for creating your own home-made remedies. The modalities I use to provide health solutions are:  Massage, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, and counseling.

I see a broad range of people, and a diverse catalogue of requirements.  This may be a gentle, after work massage, more direct attention to provide relief from sports injuries, or to enhance muscle performance.  Some clients see me weekly, others fortnightly, depending on their individual needs and level of discomfort. visiting the county’s top spas to find their most effective, most pampering, most luxurious treatments.

By using a cast range of essential oils, depending on their individual health properties, each session is individually tailored to the client’s recovery.  Essential oils can be used in various treatments, including the reduction of acne, to promote the healing of injuries, reducing keloid scarring, easing tired and aching muscles and even assisting in the relaxation of the miHerbal Medicine Read more information about herbal medicines at http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/herbalmedicine.html

Welcome to LiRann Natural Health

The majority of all herbal treatments used at Li’Rann Natural Health are made in-house, in my apothecary.  I prepare a variety of treatments ranging from lozenges to throat gargles, healing balms for broken skin and muscular strains, and thermogenic capsules (used in conjunction with good diet and exercise) to aid in the loss of weight and to energize metabolism, to name but a few. All ingredients are sourced from natural sources, where possible, and all infused oils are prepared in-house.

Treatment which utilizes herbal medicines does vary between clients, and each treatment plan is tailored to an individual’s needs and ailments.  Treatment may include oral delivery, unguent application, ingestion of powdered herbs in the form of capsules, the use of a pessary or suppository, or a daily dose of a vitamin or mineral.

In the modern world we are inundated with advertisements for fast food and promotional material that does not provide effective or accurate information of what makes good food choices good, and what does not.  By keeping track of what you eat, through the use of food diaries and careful instruction, an assessment of eating habits can provide a great insight into daily and long term health. Click here to read more info about herbal medicine benefits.

I firmly believe in small positive steps that promote future change.  A big change in diet is next to impossible to maintain, so, by working closely with my clients, we can tailor-make a plan that is achievable and that sets up a great foundation to continue these changes down the track.

By reducing the intake of sugar, reducing consumption of canned, preserved or pre-processed foods, we start to see a vast improvement in the body’s ability to shed unwanted weight, increase energy levels and improve mental health.

Counseling: We are all such busy people, and have so many stresses in our lives ranging from work, to family, relationships, and sometimes we can feel a little lost and disheartened.  Often we just need a willing ear to listen without fear that we will be judged or that what we have to say will be repeated to someone else. Anything you say in the treatment room remains in the treatment room!

I find that counseling often works best with one or more of the other modalities. Massage can help you to relax, herbal medicine can provide you with natural anti-depressants and calming teas, and good nutrition provides your body with the building blocks it needs to function at its best. A health body aids in a healthy mind..