Natural Healthy and Ethical Living

I created this site to sell Natural, Healthy and Ethical Products. You will find everything you need and want to live a Natural Healthy Lifestyle on this site. You will be able to buy natural and ethical health food, sprouting seeds, processing equipment, books, cosmetics, cleaning products and hair products online.

There is so much information these days about the chemicals and additives that are put into our food and consumable products. The more I discovered the more I researched. This site is a compilation of the most natural, healthy and ethical products I could find on the market. Click here to get a detailed information about Safe Use of Natural Health Products

My research has taken me to the Super Food industry, Juicing, Organic Gardening and living an Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle. I have learned that wellness depends on an alkaline body filled with delicious and nutritious whole foods, super foods and organic foods.

Through the use of Herbs, Supplements and Natural Products we can be healthy, energetic and rekindle the joy in life. By living a healthy lifestyle, that is ecologically friendly, animal friendly and environmentally friendly – we are nourishing not only our lives but our emotional and spiritual well being. So what is Ethical Living?

Natural Healthy and Ethical Living

To me – it is a decision to live in a manner that does no harm. This really means avoiding palm oils, buying cruelty free products, gardening or buying locally and leaving the smallest imprint possible on this planet. Ethical living is in harmony with nature and it is cruelty free. More than this – it means to educate yourself and others on where your food and products come from, what was involved in the manufacture – where did the poisons and go? The list is endless and those of us who want to be ethical and cruelty free need to learn and continue to learn. Visit to learn to live cruelty free life

Four years ago I became a vegetarian after discovering the terrible suffering that the animals I was eating were enduring. I then learned about animal testing on cosmetics and only bought cruelty free. It has been a long and sad journey – discovering how cruel the humans in this world have been. Learning of the atrocities caused to humans – including children so that people can wear brand named products.

I recently discovered that the leather I thought was a by-product of already slain cows actually came after a cruel end to the lives of freshly born bobby cows. Through this website, my own blog sites and others of like minded people and animal activism groups – I will share as much information as I can find so that we all can live our lives as nature intended – and in the most natural, ethical and healthy manner possible.