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The Tantric Approach to Premature Ejaculation

It’s late, you’ve just finished a nice romantic dinner date with your partner. A clear sense of lust within the air means you both rush back to your apartment. Once you’ve landed at home, one thing leads to another and you both end up in the bedroom. At this time, the moment becomes too overwhelming and the passionate conclusion to the evening you had in mind has taken an abrupt end; leading to a sense of dissatisfaction, embarrassment and an early night.

Why did this happen? The situation became uncontrollable, the brief passion experienced and heightened sensitivity was great enough to cause a premature ejaculation episode. Game over.
Many males experience premature ejaculation at some point within their lives. The issue has long suffered from a stereotypical stigma that results in the issue often being lowered to a joke or jibe, meaning that a serious issue is not appropriate dealt with. In reality, premature ejaculation can have huge implications for the individual and relationships involved. A person’s confidence can be damaged greatly by the issue. The fear of embarrassment can become so pertinent that some men may end up living alone.
Suffering in Silence
Sadly, many do suffer in silence without the trust to confide in another to discuss their situation. Even those that do pick up the courage to visit their doctor are often told that the issue is psychological but not given suitable advice, in some cases prescribing individuals with different medication and in a great deal of cases do very little to help the situation.
In fact, treating premature ejaculation does not need to involve prescriptions at all. There has been great success involving the practice of Tantra to enhance male performance and sexual relationships.
What is Tantra?
The basis of Tantra is the practice of yoga/mediation. There are hundreds if not thousands of practices that fall under the Tantric teachings umbrella, many with slight differences in approach.
For Premature Ejaculation, we shall look at Tantra practices that focus on actively harnessing life force energy or ‘sexual energy’, by harnessing this energy we can utilise the energy for optimum health and vitality through mental and physical techniques and exercises.
An important step for individual sufferers of Premature Ejaculation is to build a new relationship with mind and body around sexual pleasure. By reassessing the existing patterns of behaviour and events that contribute to the levels of heightened sensitivity that makes the situation uncontrollable. By bringing more awareness to these patterns and understanding, the individual can adapt to learn techniques to change the existing patterns and feelings generated.
The benefits of Tantric treatment as an aid for premature ejaculation
Tantra helps individuals become more aware of their individual relationship with their self, their physical body, their personal relationships and their relationship with their environment. Assessing these aspects of an individual’s life will enable the individual to evaluate the existing patterns that are leading to episodes of premature ejaculation.
By understanding and assessing your own individual situation, one learns more about the sources, causes and potential triggers of the issue. These may be deep-rooted (developed in puberty, a particular event or related trauma). On the other hand, the issue may be stress-related, by assessing the sources and causes the individual will be better placed to manage those elevated stress levels, introduce methods to prevent and manage stress in a better manner.
By introducing a new relationship with mind and body, assessing the levers involved in your sexual pleasure and reacting accordingly can have fantastic results. Confidence is often boosted by the better understanding of their situation, surroundings and relationship with themselves and others.
Key components of the Tantric Treatment
  • Re-evaluation of your sexual pleasure relationship. Assess elements of yourself, physical body, personal relationships and relationship with your environment that all contribute to the issue of premature ejaculation. By impacting these areas positively, your approach and ‘journey’ to sexual pleasure will be benefitted.
  • Being present in time. One of the biggest teachings from Tantra in general is your presence in the moment. Mental contributors to premature ejaculation include anxiety and fear which are spawned from the past or thoughts about the future. By ‘living in the moment’, only focusing on yourself, your partner and immediate surroundings you will become fully immersed, engaged within the act and connected to one another. This benefits by removing space for the negative aspects of your former relationship with sexual pleasure that included feelings such as anxiety and fear, leading to a premature ejaculation episode.
  • The break-away from the existing negative relationship with sexual pleasure that would contribute to premature ejaculation needs to be consistently implemented and practised. Repetition reinforces the new processes and relationship with sexual pleasure, ensuring relapses and reverting to the previous states do not occur. The mind and body are amazing and have the ability to adjust but need to be nurtured to reach the desired state.
In the case of premature ejaculation, it is always advisable to consult your doctor to help rule out potential medication conditions that may be contributing to the problem of premature ejaculation. The Tantric approach is a complimentary approach and focuses on re-establishing the sexual pleasure relationship with mind and body.

Top 4 Tantric Massage Places In Hong Kong

Visiting Hong Kong can be a great experience. There is so much to do and to try, but one of its less known hidden pleasures is the Tantric Massage places you can find in Hong Kong.It is a form of erotic massage using specialized Buddhist and Hindu techniques designed to use sensuality to draw latent energy in the body into being released through sensuous processes. This very intriguing process is well sought after by many visitors to Asia and not least of which is Hong Kong. So to guide people to their services, I will list the 4 top places in Hong Kong you can visit.

  • Kaishun Massage is a full body erotic massage therapy place located in Hong Kong with a highly reputable service with registered therapists who are skilled and knowledgeable. For those on vacation in Hong Kong that have the time, all the locals who know highly recommend this place for those seeking to try erotic massage for the first time. See about Kaishun massage in this site:
  • Coral Spa Hong Kong is another great place to try out being a wonderful spa and resort place which also offers Tantric Massage with full services providing customers a memorable time they will not soon forget. This place comes highly rated by those who are familiar with the tantric massage. They are also known for having a very good bargain rate as these services can tend to be highly expensive depending on the place you go. It can range from 1000$ to 1800$ or more if they have high-quality service and younger women.

Massage therapy in HK

  • Hong Kong Best Tantric Massage is a well-known outcall service that provides a call-in service so that the massage therapist will go to your hotel and perform their services there. With a good website that you can use to contact them, they provide several variations of service from full body to nude massages. With numerous satisfied clients, they have earned their important reputation in the city as being one of the top service providers well loved by foreign visitors. More details, here!
  • provides a growing service to increasing list of satisfied clients who have used their services. With several beautiful therapists, they are a rising star in the field. Their receptionistis fluent in English, Chinese, and Japanese and, therefore, able to service a broad range of clients for the erotic massage services they offer.

With all this in mind, it can be astrange experience for those who have never tried it but a very pleasant one too. These are the most highly recommended tantric services in Hong Kong and many well-satisfied customers both foreign and domestic can attest to that many of them having returned multiple times to visit these places!

Top 4 companies that offer Cheap Tantric Massage therapy in Hong Kong

Top 4 companies that offer Cheap Tantric Massage therapy in Hong Kong

Are you catering for the affordable tantric massage therapy in HK? Do you want to get handy services of tantric massage therapy in HK? If yes, then I am here to give you some tremendous suggestions. Tantric massage therapy in HK is a session therapy that requires some equipment and some items for sake of accomplishing the task of message. The basic items that are mandatory for the tantric massage therapy in HK embraces message table bolster pillows, oils, lotions, creams, hand sanitizers, rollers, nail clippers and files. Moreover, tantric massage therapy in HK also demands some of additional items for message as well. Read More →